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Ethiopia is old and old more than one can imagine. It was also renowned and prestigious state in the world as Historian mentioned. Its history dates back 3000yrs back as Abyssinia to the time of the legend of queen of Sheba and her birth King Menelik from King Solomon of Jerusalem and the god of moon of Temple of Yeha.

Far earlier the 1st hominid Lucy known as Dinknesh dates 3.2million yrs old found, makes Ethiopia the cradle of mankind.

The people of are diversified ;more than 83 ethnic groups with 200 dialects living together for many centuries with different culture and religion.

The land of Ethiopia is the largest land mass in the horn of Africa with an area of 1.098million kms square. It is the land of extreme contrast with an altitude difference 4620mts above sea level the peak of mount ras Dashen and 120mts below sea level Danakil depression gives variety of culture and nature to the nation.

Ethiopia is also a land of endemic; more 1000 species of plants, 16 species of birds and 7big mammals are endemic to Ethiopia.

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“More interesting to stay longer in Omorate
Omorate tribal village and at Turkana lake , which is less touristy. Guide: very positive, attentive, considerate and helpful. Very efficient, dependable. Good attention to detail. We were well taken care. We would highly recommend Host Ethiopia Tour....”

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