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Historical Attraction
The traveler in Ethiopia makes a journey through time, transported by beautiful monuments and the ruins of edifices built long centuries ago. The historic attractions are north of the country through famous and fascinating places; from prosperous and ancient places and also leads one through some of the most breath taking scenery of semien mountain national park is along this route .And also in the east The walled city of Harrar is one of the important historical site .

Along this route the ancient city of Axum, the rock hewn churches of Lalibela, city of Gonder with its 17th C castle buildings, the ragged semien mountain, the walled city of Harrar [eastern historical attraction], the romantic city of Bahir Dar, the majestic blue Nile fall, and Tana island monastery churches can be visited.

Cultural Attraction
The lower omo valley is home of many varied astonishing mixture of tribal groups with different life style, their colourful markets and impressive ceremonial festivals will be welcoming visitors and will fell the sense of discovery. With in the omo valley there are around 46 ethnic groups. Among most of them living primitive way of life [near to nature] and they practice different ceremonies and festivals

Trekking tour
The temperate climate, the grand mountain scenery, and the tradition of generous hospitality of the people, with which Ethiopia is blessed, make the Ethiopian highlands superb trekking sites. Trekking in Ethiopia does not require any necessary skill, although it is obviously best if one is physically fit. Terrains are steep for only short periods, in which case it is necessary to walk than to ride. Much of the time, the trekking involves walking, even at altitudes as high as 4000 meters (13120 feet).

The principal well-established areas for trekking are the Simien and the Bale mountains national parks and surmma area is also not less known.

Bird Watching tour
The great variety of natural environment , climate and altitude difference makes Ethiopia a very unique place for birding. Afro alpine, vegetation, bushes, grass land, forests and lakes and wet land as well as dry desert land escape and mild climate highland plateau –Ethiopia has all that Africa has to offer.
More than 880 bird species are found in Ethiopia, of which 16 are endemic. A further 14 species are shared with, which was part of Ethiopia until 1991

Festivals & Events Tour
The Ethiopians love to celebrate, whether important events in their history, major landmarks in the religious calendar or simply special family days. Best clothes are worn, food and drink are plentiful, musicians play and people dance and sing . Generally three types of festival; social like coffee ceremony [every ethiopian practice every day], cultural like bull jumping and stick fight in the omo valley and Other religious festivals are a Fasika (Easter), Inkutatash (the New Year in mid-September) and Genna (Christmas in early January). All the Islamic holidays are also celebrated according to the lunar cycle of shifting dates as in other countriesTimket (Ethiopian Epiphany) But it is the major Ethiopian Orthodox festivals that represent the people at their most colorful and festive.

As Ethiopia is blessed with variety of historical cultural and natural attraction; historical monuments, beautiful land escape with abundant birds and wild life, unique ethnic groups with their different customs and ceremonies , Ethiopia is an ideal place for photographic and filming. Famous channels like BBC, CNN and National Geography already identify Ethiopia for their interesting documentary
Ethiopia is also a land of natural contrasts, from the tops of the rugged Simien mountains to the depths of the Danakil Depression, at 120 meters below sea level one of the lowest dry land points on earth. The cornucopia of natural beauty that blesses Ethiopia offers an astonishing variety of landscapes: Afro-Alpine highlands soaring to around 4,300 meters, deserts sprinkled with salt flats and yellow sulphur, lake lands with rare and beautiful birds, moors and mountains, the splendor of the Great Rift Valley, white-water rivers, savannah teeming with game, giant waterfalls, dense and lush jungle the list is endless…the list is endless rafting, mountain hiking, botanical tour, geological tour to Danakil and dallol, Religious tour.

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