Filming in Ethiopia

As Ethiopia is blessed with variety of historical cultural and natural attraction; historical monuments, beautiful land escape with abundant birds and wild life, unique ethnic groups with their different customs and ceremonies , Ethiopia is an ideal place for photographic and filming. Famous channels like BBC, CNN and National Geography already identify Ethiopia for their interesting documentary.

For documentary and other filming and photography, not for private use, needs a permit the ministry of culture and information is required.

HOST ETHIOPIA TOUR has unequal experience in organizing and working very closely with concerned governmental bodies to facilitate and materializing it.
-facilitate permits in Ethiopia
-support to import filming gears
-arrangement of transport, accommodation, and camping gear etc.
- arrangement charter flight if necessary
- arrangement of translators and other supporting staff
-overall coordination and other logistics supply etc.

Visitors should be sensitive about intrusive photography, people should be asked for permission before their photographs are taken. Generally, there will not be any objection but in some areas, particularly among nomads, among Afar and in the Omo Valley, people will often ask for money. Photography in churches is allowed, but in many areas of tourist interest, particularly in the north, there is a charge for video photography. (This also applies to the Blue Nile Falls.) As elsewhere, there are laws and regulations about taking photographs in sensitive areas like airports and around military camps.

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“More interesting to stay longer in Omorate
Omorate tribal village and at Turkana lake , which is less touristy. Guide: very positive, attentive, considerate and helpful. Very efficient, dependable. Good attention to detail. We were well taken care. We would highly recommend Host Ethiopia Tour....”

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